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Carpet & Flooring FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it does. Underlay affects the feeling of carpet underfoot, and the sturdiness of your timber. That said, when we quote a product, we quote on a very good quality underlay that will do the job well. You may choose to upgrade your underlay for a strata requirement or to perhaps lift the height of your carpet.

The answer is yes. Carpet usually comes in a roll 3.66 metres wide, a few come 4 metres wide. Unless your room is narrower than this, there will be a join. However, all joins you will initially see will settle the more you walk on them (do you notice the joins in your existing carpet?). And they may be more noticeable in loop pile carpets. Our staff are able to show you where joins are likely to be in your carpet and discuss possible options.

With carpet, if the product you selected is in stock (it will be if a stock line in our warehouse) a week’s turnaround is usually sufficient. Or once a deposit is paid, we will hold the carpet for you until you are ready. With hard flooring, this maybe take a little longer, but we will give you an honest time frame prior to order.

Most carpet-only jobs are done in one day, occasionally two if it’s a very large home. Hard flooring may take longer, particularly big floor preparation is required. If we are installing both, usually the timber is done before the carpet.
No, our installers will do this for you if required and the cost will be included in your quotation. You will still need to move all the small items, though. We can arrange a separate quotation for moving a billiard table, piano or even a precious piece of antique furniture. If you do opt to take up your own carpet or timber and move the furniture yourself, this must be done prior to the installers arriving.
This is a personal choice, although most customers prefer to paint first. Remember, whilst every care is taken by our installers, it is easy to put an occasional mark on fresh paint so a mini touch-up may be required. To ensure that the new paint goes right to the floor and there is no line seen between new paint and new flooring, we suggest you run a Stanley knife a few centimetres around the edge of existing carpet so that you can paint right down.
Shading is a term used to describe the phenomenon where carpet shows like an oil mark or water mark in one or many areas. This is a natural phenomenon caused by the carpet pile changing direction for no known reason. It is not common but does occur and is in most cases not covered by carpet warranty (if you look at the manufacturers sticker on the carpet sample, you will see this clarified). Shading does not occur in loop pile carpets.

Foot marks are clearly seen on cut pile, plush carpets. They are seen but may be less evident on twist pile carpets, and whilst not really seen on wool loop carpets may be seen on synthetic loop carpets.

The softer the carpet pile, the greater the floor mark. For most the softness of the carpet, the lush feel, by far outweighs any negative feelings about footmarks.

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