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Flooring Eastwood

Wool carpet Benmore Monowai Ohau Onslow Pukaki Tekapo Previous Next Description Ripples bring a herbal strategy indoors to encourage the pursuit of happiness with its warm array of colours. The texture-rich patterns and use of felted wool offer a smooth and luxurious carpet for your home. Made with a hundred percent New Zealand wool. 


Carpet and Flooring Castle Hill which carpet type is best

Wool carpet Adrift Bamboo Clay Misty Taupe Satinwood Shadow Woodland Previous Next Description Charmeuse recreates the sensuousness of crushed velvet, providing a surely luxurious underfoot experience. A carpet so enveloping and soft, you’ll be tempted to sleep on your floor. Made with a hundred percent New Zealand wool. 


Wool carpet Vintage Beige Skyscraper Sincerity Silverwisp Pearl Grey Nocturne Cottage Stone Chinchilla Previous Next Description This luxurious plush pile carpet will enrich the most gracious of houses developing an air of state-of-the-art elegance. Velluto (the Italian phrase for velvet) is stated for the darkish and mild shading consequences on the ground that are ordinary […]


Wool carpet Bokuto Hada Ishi Kage Kawa Midori Nendo Pyua Previous Next Description Samurai is a skilfully crafted chunky loop carpet of special shape and a stunning end that affords luxurious layering and safety as armour. Made with one hundred percent New Zealand 

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